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About the League

Agassiz Master's Soccer Association (AMSA) is a coed adult summer soccer league in the Fargo, North Dakota metro area. It was established as a fun league for adults to participate in an easy going environment. Adult men ages 35 and older or women ages 25 and older are welcome to participate. The league runs yearly from June through August .

If you fall within the age requirements and are interested in participating in the league, please click on the Facebook group link at the bottom of the page and request to join. We will help find you a team from there. Alternatively, you can use the Contact Us link in the navigation bar to send us an email and we will help you find a team!


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  1. Group gathering size.
    1. 7 v. 7 format.
    2. Spectators are requested to stay home.
    3. Maximum number of people at one field should not exceed 30 (28 players and 1 referee).
  2. Reduce participant to participant exposure.
    1. 2 - 40 Minute halves.
    2. Team Benches will be spaced out.
    3. Participants (excluding referees) should leave the facility and parking lot within 10 minutes after the conclusion of their game.
    4. Participants (excluding referees) should arrive at the facility and parking lot no earlier than 10 minutes before their game.
  3. Reduce the total number of teams and participants within the league.
    1. 8 total teams.
  4. Increased participant hygiene and accountability.
    1. Participants must meet these criteria
      1. No signs or symptoms of COVID-19 in the past 14 days and have no known exposure to someone that has been ill in 14 days.
      2. Have no above normal temperature readings; temperature checks should be conducted by players prior to attending games.
        1. Team captains should ask their participants if they meet the above criteria prior to each game's coin toss and report responses to league administrator. Participants who do not meet the above criteria must leave the facility before the referee will start each match.
    2. All 'at risk' individuals should stay home.
    3. Participants need to stay home if they are sick or if they feel sick
    4. Participants need to notify AMSA if they become sick.
    5. All participants should follow state guidelines for COVID-19 testing and quarantine requirements.
    6. Participants should not share water bottles.
    7. Participants should place bags/equipment 6 feet apart.
    8. No unnecessary contact (huddles, handshakes, high fives, hugs, group celebrations).
    9. Players may wear face masks if they wish
    10. Participants should not share unwashed equipment (such as uniforms and shin guards).
    11. Participants should wash hands before games and bring their own hand sanitizer to wse during/after games.
    12. Participants should wash clothing between each use and sanitize shared equipment (such as balls) prior to games.
    13. Players should not touch anyone else's equipment.

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